Title Issues in Estate Planning

It happens more times than you may think. Mom and Dad have passed away and they have left a piece of real estate to a number of their children in equal shares. Over time, the children have transferred their interest to other siblings, other sibling’s trusts and perhaps a limited liability company or two.

To make matters worse, a couple of these sibling to sibling transfers are done under the wrong tax identification number of the property. Oh yes, the property is out of the State of California.

After a period of years, let’s say twenty, one of these siblings comes to see me and the person would like to know their percentage ownership interest in the property. Seriously!!!

In addition to being a lawyer here in California, I have an extensive real estate back round and it’s not unusual for clients to bring me issues like this. The solution may take a little while, but we will figure out the solution.

If this sounds like something familiar to you and the title problems need to be addressed, please contact me.