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What happens when you set up your estate plan using a revocable living trust and in the pour-over will there specifies certain bequests/gifts of property to certain individuals upon the death of the Trustor?

Joint Tenancy

It is not uncommon for me when I meet with clients that the discussion about Joint Tenancy comes up as a less expensive alternative to creating an Estate Plan in the form of a Living Trust or a Testamentary Will.

Placing Real Estate into Trust

Placing Real Estate into Trust When I have a client or clients who own real estate, in addition to listing the real estate on the Schedule of the Trust, it’s imperative to re-title the property from the owners name(s) into the name of…

Transferring Real Estate out of Trust

What happens when mom and dad have passed away and the Family Trust still holds title to real estate contained in the Family Trust? When mom and dad set up their Family Trust they placed or should have placed, their real estate holdings…

Estate and Business Strategies for Small Business Owners

Have a plan in place while you are building a legacy for your family’s future.

Create a business and estate plan to protect your assets.

You do not have to be a millionaire to have business planning. It’s the general consensus that taxes are going to rise. Plan now to mitigate potential tax liability down the road.

Protect your Wealth

The sooner you complete your business and estate planning, the sooner you can stop worrying about the future of your estate.

Avoiding Probate

While a will is one way to plan for the distribution of your assets, it must be probated.

Living Will

This document is another type of advance directive that conveys the type of life preserving.

Irrevocable Trust

This estate planning tool can help you achieve a number of objectives such as providing.


It may be necessary to establish a conservatorship to protect a loved one who is incapable.