Probate & Trust Administration

Okay, there is no plan in place. If you need assistance with probate, we can help with this too.

California Probate Attorney & Probate Administration

Most people fail to plan for events that can dramatically affect a family’s dynamic. California Probate Courts are filled with cases of those who either left a Will, thinking that everything would be taken care of efficiently and quickly, or left no estate plan at all.

These types of things happen to most of us. Everything will eventually work out. If you are involved with a death of a family member and there was either a will or no will, my office can help with the administration of the estate through a court ordered Administrator. My Office prides itself on helping aggrieved families to close out an estate quickly as possible. There are always human factors which contribute to the length of the probate process, but my law office will help you through the process!

Trust Administration

Even with a Family Trust in place, a lot of times it is difficult for a Successor Trustee to administer the estate of a loved one. My Law Office would help with, among other things, ascertaining the decedents’ personal information such as legal name, birth date, place of birth, date and place of marriage and social security number(s).

In addition, there are a list of other items that need to be taken care of with Trust Administration. Transfer of real estate and personal property to beneficiaries can become problematic.

If you are having trouble with Trust Administration, my Law Office would be happy to help.

To give a person an idea as to how much it could cost, refer to Probate Code section 10810. The fees are generally statutory.

Upon the initial filing for probate, there is an attorney who represents the Administrator. In addition, there may be other lawyers involved who may represent other interests of the estate, such as children, step children, guardians representing minor children, perhaps an ex spouse-you get the idea.
No, you do not. A lot of times, the relevant counties website will have a self-help page in order to guide you through the probate process. This will really depend on how well the person is versed in situations like this and if they have the time to deal with the paperwork and hearings.